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Youth Food Movement

YFM is young vibrant group of Australians that bring young people together around food.   They strive to make the younger generation aware of their power as conscious consumers by building understanding and value for the food we eat.

Knowledge: They help deepen the relationship youth have with food, both with their mind and their stomach.

Attitude: They provoke thought, stimulate conversation and challenge ideas about what good food is and what it means.

Practice: They infuse new ideas about the food system practically into everyday life. In doing this they open up the opportunity for younger generations to experience and engage with the food system in an honest and enduring way.

  • Increase the food literacy levels of Australian young adults
  • Allow the voice of young Australians to be heard in political and other conversations about food
  • To grow the movement and provide young adults with the platform to come together around food issues and solutions
Connect with YFM here and on Facebook, Twitter
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