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Waste Deep : Taking the Sting out of Wa-sting

Late last year I had the opportunity to be involved with a short documentary film being created by Sustainable Table. After a successful Pozible Campaign to raise some much needed funding, they have worked with a great group of people and produced a valuable piece that looks into the question of Waste. It looks at how we can take the sting out of the way-sting ways we have developed around our food system. So many simple things we can do to turn things around and start to work our way back up the food chain and eliminate unnecessary single use plastic wrapping, containers and packaging. Step by step , bit by bit, habits can be turned around.Great to see continuous new takes on the details of waste for us to absorb and apply in day to day ways.


Have a look at the video here: Waste Deep

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  1. : Waste Deep: Taking the Sting out of Wa-sting http://t.co/ZzJrjeEAKP http://t.co/nfiBOePqz7 #wastedeep @SustainTable

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