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Moon Gardening – The Multi-Purpose Moon

Moon in Cancer Moon in Cardinal Water sign, Cancer is fruitful and moist – ruling vegetative growth, it’s the sign most conducive to successful sowing, transplanting and grafting. Seed is said to germinate faster and be more prolific when planted in the sign of Cancer. Good for planting ground covers ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Lawn Mowing Moon

Moon in Gemini Air sign, Gemini is dry and barren – ideal for eradicating pests and weeds, tilling the soil and harvesting. Moon gardeners recommend mowing the lawn while moon is in Gemini to slow regrowth. Although seed sowing is not recommended with Moon in Gemini, tall, stringy plants that ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Tree Planting Moon

Moon in Taurus Productive and earthy, Taurus is one of my favourite places for the moon to be when gardening. Taurus is especially good for planting root crops and leafy greens because it lends the qualities of endurance and robustness to crops planted under its beams. I recently grew a ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Bolting Moon

Moon in Aries Moon in Fire sign, Aries is said to be dry and barren, ideal for destroying and eradicating weeds and pests, and preparing the ground for future, more fertile signs. Its dry nature is also said to be good for harvesting, enhancing the harvest’s ability to dry and ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Fruitful Moon

Moon in Pisces Moon in water sign, Pisces is moist and fruitful. All of the water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) are deemed beneficial for sowing seed and transplanting because they encourage and support the growth of roots. Planting in these signs is also said to be ideal for plants ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Cloning Moon

Moon in Aquarius Moon in air sign, Aquarius is described as being barren and dry, which makes it ideal for culling weeds and pests, and, harvesting fruit and root crops. Cloning and assexual reproductive processes are also under the rulership of Aquarius, so these practices are recommended with the Aquarius ... Read More »

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