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Moon Gardening – The Bonsai Moon

Moon in Capricorn Earth sign Capricorn is moist and productive and along with fellow Earth Sign, Taurus, is the second-best cluster of signs in which to plant or transplant – the Water signs Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, being the best. Beets, Peanuts, Alliums and Potatoes are all good choices of crop ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Radish Moon

Moon in Saggitarius Saggitarius is the fire sign with a difference. Although it is deemed barren and not ideal for planting or transplanting, radishes are said to grow well when planted on the waning Moon in Saggitarius. As with the other Fire signs, fruit picked during moon in Saggitarius is ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Preserving Moon

Moon in Scorpio Water sign Scorpio is considered to be the 2nd most fruitful of the zodiac. Possessing many of the traits of Cancer, Scorpio is said to be a good sign in which to plant berries. Further to this, Scorpio is considered to be the ideal time for preserving, ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Flower Moon

Moon in Libra Cardinal Air sign, Libra is ruled by goddess of beauty, Venus. If you’re looking for beautiful flowers and an abundance of bees, plant your seed when the moon is in Libra. Plants that bear fruit above ground (as opposed to root crops) also fall under the rulership ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Vertical Gardener’s Moon

Moon in Virgo Here’s one for the vertical gardeners. Barren and moist, Earth sign Virgo is the wall gardener’s ally. Vines fall under the rulership of Virgo, (although vines planted under this sign will grow well and bloom, some moon gardeners claim it’s not the best for the setting of ... Read More »

Moon Gardening – The Harvest Moon

Moon in Leo Fire sign Leo is barren and dry. Bestowed with the honour of being the driest, least fecund sign of all, it is said to be the most successful for the purging of pests and disease and destroying old trees and remnant roots – especially when the moon ... Read More »

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