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Birds of Prey

I really like birds of prey. Time and time again I’ve seriously considered building an aviary and getting into falconry. Then I remember the sense of fierce independence and absolute freedom that I get when I see a hawk soaring across the sky. It seems a little unfair to fetter that by keeping a raptor [...] Read More »

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently! Friday afternoon around five, Glenn found two Black Welsh Mountain sheep in the lean-to with a lamb a piece. He moved them into the barn for observation and a little “Mommy-and-Me” time. When I drove in the yard at 6:30, I knew right away we [...] Read More »

Employee Appreciation

The 1st Friday in March is National Employee Appreciation day. This is how we appreciate our employees. How about you?   Read More »

Long Overdue Update

I’ve been somewhat remiss about writing here. Life has been pretty hectic, especially as we’re on the cusp of a season change. We were definitely blessed with a mild winter; moving in late fall didn’t give us time to put up an adequate wood supply, and we’ve barely kept one step in front of the [...] Read More »

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