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October and November workshops at the Garden

  October Sunday the 7th- Waterways land care project / building ponds and pathways. Saturday the 13th, – No-dig gardening/ Plot building. Sunday the 14th, – Waterways land care project / Planting native aquatic species. Saturday the 20th, – Waterways land care project / Planting bush tucker plants. Sunday the 21st, – Container Gardening &… Read More »

Sustainable Food – Michael Mobbs and Costa talk turkey

Sustainable_Food_Michael Mobbs

    Transition Bondi recently hosted an intimate conversation about sustainable food between 2 local gardeners… Costa and Michael Mobbs. As well as launching Michael’s new book, “Sustainable Food”, they chat about the issues we all face with food, water, soil, health and community. This is a short excerpt from ... Read More »

Tactical Biopolitics course set to kick off at UNSW

Tactical Biopolitics: Nature /Culture/Power UNSW Environmental Humanities will be offering a new course in Semester 1 2013 called Tactical Biopolitics : Nature /Culture/Power. ‘Tactical Biopolitics’ is a creative misappropriation of terms by bioartists who use living matter to grow works of art. Drawing on the traditions of ‘tactical media’, which combines cheap devices ... Read More »

Cooking what you grow

No pictures -plenty to see on Jules Clancy's Stonesoup blog. Here's the link.I discovered her through doing some web searching on making sourdough starter and baking sourdough. thestonesoup.com Read More »

Drowning in Zucchini

Oh summer, summer, what a season, filled with long days of vivid sunlight and lush vegetation. Once again we’ve had nearly no spring, so the cool weather crops like spinach, peas and radishes were very short lived. On the other hand, many things have thrived, making early and prolific showing. Tomatoes are forming on the [...] Read More »

Going Buggy

A week or so ago we were ambushed by a surprise striped cucumber beetle infestation. One morning we were free and clear. The next afternoon I noticed a swarm of dragonflies, swooping around the garden. They were gorging on the horde of striped interlopers that were raiding our cucumber and summer squash seedlings.  The dragonflies [...] Read More »

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