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Consumer Choice … Coming to a home near you!

It’s a balmy Wednesday evening in Brisbane, but there’s hustle, bustle and shouts of greeting ringing out from underneath a classic Queenslander house. Sales are about to kick off at one of the bulk buyer's groups that are emerging across the nation.

The volunteers do a final check of the prices, pull the last of the dry goods out of storage and set up the scales. When shopping is open, around 60 people descend upon the tables bursting with organic local produce that was harvested within the previous few days.

In an era of ‘conscious shopping’, people are starting to become aware that where they buy their food is as important as what kind of food they buy. Australia’s major supermarket chains control almost 80% of grocery trade. This duopoly is wielding their purchasing power in often unethical and crude ways that take away both farmer and consumer choice.

Consumer power through how we spend our grocery dollar is a popular concept. We now need to take it a step further ... a step out of the major supermarket chains and into local community halls, houses and schools where bulk buying groups are making real choice about their food.

Each of these largely volunteer-run groups is unique to the members who run it, however at the heart of each group is the ability to provide good quality, local produce at cheap prices. It’s convenient, has a range of produce available and gives you a chance to catch up on the local goss!

Check out the following video from a workshop called 'Foodies Unite' held in Brisbane in March 2013. Rolf Kuelsen shares the vision and benefits of local buying groups.

How can you get involved?

Visit https://www.facebook.com/seq.cooperative.network and join the group to learn more and stay up to date with local events.

Visit http://www.australianfoodsovereigntyalliance.org/peoples-food-plan/get-involved/ for resources and information.

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MMmm, Maple Goodness!

Oh the sugaring… yum! AND stay tuned for some exciting new maple products this year – infused syrups! First batch of Maple Fire is finished! A habanero infused, dark syrup. It’s sweet, hot and exciting! Read More »

Time to get your sustainable hands dirty!

So you’ve been to a couple of talks about practising sustainability, read a bit online, debated about it with friends but haven’t quite got to the point of getting dirt under you nails? On April… Read More »

A People’s Food Plan for Australia

In response to concerns about the limited objectives proposed by the National Food Plan (a federal government initiative), and after broad public consultation, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance has developed the People's Food Plan for Australia. The People’s Food Plan presents a common-sense and achievable vision for fair food that places the soil and land, farmers, food workers and eaters at the centre of a restorative food system. Read More »

Welcome to Sydney Food Fairness Alliance

2013 promises to be a busy year for SFFA with the release of the Federal Govt National Food Plan due, and the alternative ‘ grass roots’ People’s Food Plan launched by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance. SFFA will play an active role in the discussion about what kind of food future we want and how we need to shape it now. Join us to be part of it! The Sydney Food Fairness Alliance (SFFA) is a network of consumers, rural producers, health professionals, community workers and advocates who want to see food security for all within a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable food system. Read on for SFFA's aims for 2013 Read More »

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