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Slow & Local Food Adventures

I spent part of July at a smallholding - Macbiehill Farm, SW of Edinburgh in Scotland with a family that have an award winning real bread business. They produce their own vegetables in a greenhouse, poly tunnel and a raised bed system and fruit cage.... Read More »

Simple eating for complex change

Two weeks on from the inspiring talk from Michael Pollan, my thinking about food has changed. It’s simplified. In the past, I’ve swung from gourmand to calorie counter, always chasing the best option for my… Read More »

Drowning in Zucchini

Oh summer, summer, what a season, filled with long days of vivid sunlight and lush vegetation. Once again we’ve had nearly no spring, so the cool weather crops like spinach, peas and radishes were very short lived. On the other hand, many things have thrived, making early and prolific showing. Tomatoes are forming on the [...] Read More »

‘Australia’s Tight-Ass People’ Woolies threatens suppliers

In less than a month since Woolworths launched their new campaign ‘Australia’s Fresh Food people‘, the supermarket giant has come down harder than ever on the Australian suppliers and producers who provide their ‘fresh food&#... Read More »

A Ducky Fourth of July

We hope everyone had a very lovely Independence Day. Here at the farm it was very ducky. Literally. Glenn’s parents arrived for some holiday barbeque with some feathered friends in tow. The first was a small flock of laying ducks. I believe the brown ones are Dark Campbell and the black Cayuga. I’m particularly hopeful [...] Read More »

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