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Jon Dee Tipping Point Food Waste

Happy Monday!! How can we reduce food waste and its impacts? Jon Dee discusses the environmental costs of food waste and presents some waste reduction tips Read More »

The Impossible Hamster

Growth isn’t possible, Why we need a new economic direction. Free download   As economist Herman Daly once commented, he would accept the possibility of infinite growth in the economy on the day that one of his economist colleagues could demonstrate that Earth itself could grow at a commensurate rate. Whether ... Read More »

Truefood Network

http://truefood.org.au/  Australia’s first GE canola harvest – Greenpeace   Australia currently has limited labelling laws for genetically modified (GM) foods. That’s where the Truefood Guide comes in handy. The Guide rates food brands and products as Green (non-GM), Orange (phasing out GM ingredients) and Red (may contain GM ingredients). This ... Read More »

Australia’s first GE canola harvest – Greenpeace

Australia’s Second GE canola harvest – Greenpeace http://www.greenpeace.org.au “We all thought this crop would not be going into the food system, but obviously it is,” says Australian farmer Juliet McFarlane. In 2008, the first genetically engineered (GE) crops were harvested in Australia, and already there is evidence of GE seed contamination. ... Read More »

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