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What a great success!

The recent event “Sustainable Farming for a Sustainable City” held at Richmond was a great success! So thank you to all of you who helped with organising, promoting, and attending the event.  Over 130 people came to be part of a very engaged discussion. A very special thanks to Liz Millen and Vivienne Reiner (both [...] Read More »

Science does not support the super trawler!

The science case for introducing a trawler to exploit southern small pelagics is weak in as we need to understand the species we are exploiting in our fisheries and we need to know how many there are. So far, scientific data do not support the introduction of super trawling in Australia as claimed by the Commonwealth Fisheries Association. Read More »

The National Food Plan Green Paper … whose plan is this?

A very disappointing public meeting with a tight agenda and incorrect statistical data. The meeting was chaired by Mr Paul Morris, Executive Director of ABARES and there is no doubt that Mr Morris would be very familiar with statistical data and current trends of our food economy. Read More »

Our Last SFFA Public Talk – Food Security in France

Hear Brigit Busicchia speak on Food Security in France and compare the food economies of France and Australia and their respective futures. Brigit has just returned from 3 months in France. Monday 6 August at new Red Cross venue - St Andrew's House. Read More »

Report – The Cost of Inaction on the Social Determinants of Health

About 60,000 too many Australians are admitted to hospital each year because of poor education, employment and housing among low-income earners. To many in the field, the findings of the report The Cost of inaction on the Social Determinants of Health, is not news but a welcome call for action. Read More »

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