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Sustainable Communities – Michael Mobbs


The Sustainable Communities Plan

The Plan is a free guide to making a city suburb more environmentally sustainable through a series of community-led projects. The Plan is set in Chippendale, Sydney, Australia, but is being used to guide innovation around the world. Before you take the ideas you find here and put them into action in your city, help us make it happen where it all began in Chippendale. Add your name to our petition so we can start building this real-life example of a sustainable suburb by June 2012.

The Plan was developed by Michael Mobbs, sustainability coach, lawyer and author. It’s part common sense design, part council policy guide and firstly an approachable study of how a suburb impacts our planet.

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Food and Public Gardens at Sustainable House, with Michael Mobbs


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Table of Contents


  1. The VisionAn overview of the environmental problems The Plan seeks to address, how it will tackle them and the expected results.
  2. Creating and Aligning Sustainable Visions Coming SoonThe essential partnerships The Plan will build between community, local government, and other government and private organisations.
  3. Chippendale’s Challenge: Act Now Coming SoonThe alarming amount of damage a single urban suburb contributes to our environment and City of Sydney Council’s commitment to address it.
  4. The Urban Heat IslandHow heat created by roads and buildings is damaging the health of residents and the local environment, and what to do about it.
  5. TransportProjects to make getting around in Chippendale cleaner, safer, healthier and more enjoyable.
  6. FoodProjects to save water, money and pollution by growing food in the community.
  7. A Native Plant Plan that Respects Indigenous Culture Coming SoonWhich native plants to grow and how, as advised by experts from the local Indigenous community.
  8. Green Buildings Coming SoonHow to make residential and commercial premises cleaner, greener and more cost effective.
  9. Art: Inspire & Explain Coming SoonThe important role of art in engaging different perceptions of our relationship to nature in urban suburbs.
  10. Money, Jobs, Business: Easier & Cheaper to Go Green Coming SoonWhy going green will be a more attractive and cheaper alternative for businesses and residents.
  11. How Do We Know if the Plan Is Working? Coming SoonHow the plan will be monitored, its success measured and how the community will contribute necessary feedback.
  12. Costs & Benefits Coming SoonThe figures on just how much money and pollution The Plan will save over time.
  13. Why We Must Act TodayHow Chippendale and other suburbs contribute to climate change and our responsibility to act.
  14. Other ResourcesFind and contribute other resources.


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