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Related Websites

Keen to check out other websites that support the same green goals? Check out these sites below!

EducatorLabs.org Request A Resource – EducatorLabs is a volunteer-based startup that conducts free research for educators. Request a resource today!

 Raw Food Journey – All about eating and cooking with raw food and other related topics.

Earth Easy – Ideas for sustainable living from Water conservation to non-toxic pest control

Vegetable Gardener – How to grow and cook food as well as DIY projects.

True Food Network – Join thousands of Australians taking action to say “no” to genetically engineered food.

The Veggie Lady – Toni shows you how to grow your own veggies and provides workshops.

David Suzuki Foundation – They work with government, business and individuals to conserve our environment by providing science-based education, advocacy and policy work, and acting as a catalyst for the social change that today’s situation demands.

Permaculture Principals – All about Permaculture and how you can learn about it.

nutrition exploration kids games – Provides a range of games that teach kids about nutrition and healthy eating.

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia – Promotes Permaculture education and knowledge as well as research.

The backyard Farmer – Organic growing of fruit and vegetables, as well as DIY projects.

Playnormous – Games for kids and adults that promote healthy eating and living.

Get Up! Australia – GetUp is an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation which aims to build a more progressive Australia by giving everyday Australians the opportunity to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues such as Goal Seam Gas.

The New Inventors – The New Inventors is a tv show on ABC1 that shows inventions by Australians and is demonstrated and judged.

Buy Nothing New – Encourages everyone to not buy anything new in October to raise awareness of where the stuff we buy comes from (finite resources), where it goes (landfill), and what our alternatives are.

Simple Ways to Protect Our Earth: Kids’ Edition

Energy Conservation for Kids

Energy Savers Guide: Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home

Kids Guide to Home Energy Saving

Protecting & Restoring Forests

A Guide to Becoming A Tree Hugger

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Guide to Composting at Home

Electricity & Its Impacts

Going Green: Eco-Friendly Property Upgrades

Green Schools Leadership Center

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