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Allan Savoury

Roadmaps, Holistic Management and Food For The Future

Tell me you know that feeling when you have to refresh a page  and  you cut your text and paste it but somewhere  in the process the paste decides it is no longer there for you, no matter how far you look and the fact that you had saved it is now irrelevant    mmmmm………. So I will re-write what I wrote on my way back from Alice Springs to Melbourne via Sydney and hopefully it comes out remotely like the story I wrote at the time and in the moment.

Take 2:

Cant help but think about what I have just experienced here at DesertSMART EcoFair  in Alice Springs. One of the highlights would have to be the launch of : Roadmap to a desertSMART Town 2013-2018. This draft plan is being produced by the community as a way of looking at  opportunities to build the resilience and sustainability of Alice Springs into the future. The key areas of the plan are applicable to all towns and cities everywhere in the country and cover the big ticket challenges: Energy, Water, Waste, Built Environment, Food And Transport. In fact I should say every home, street, suburb,municipality, town, city and state. It is all encompassing and holistic in its approach.

What is this holistic management you may well ask. Well that leads me perfectly into my baton change for the week. It is Landcare month this week and it just seems perfect that I should be going from an Arid lands Ecofair into a week of talks about holistic management. Whats this got to do with you you may well ask ???

Well Holistic Management is all about the regeneration of landscapes, our future food security, clean water and how we can heal and regenerate our planet. When it all boils down to this: if you eat, then you are part of the change that we must initiate and drive in order to develop real resilience for the future.

And this week, international rangelands biologist and educator Allan Savoury is in Australia doing a series of talks explaining how holistic management is an opportunity for rural,regional and urban communities to work on land management and sustainable development roadmaps for the future, much like what the Alice Springs Community is embracing. Holistic management can be applied to everyones business as in essence it is a decision making process based on a single holistic goal: in other words when making a holistic plan you always have a view to the big picture even when making the detailed and specific decisions. It can be applied to  the question of where we are heading in life’s big picture but with a clear view of the environmental,social and economic issues that go with this terrain.

For example, when it comes to improving pasture, holistic management is all about mimicking nature. By managing herds of livestock to mimic the movement and density of wild herds, soil fertility is improved as the animals deliver urine and manure to fertilise the pasture but then move on as a wild herd would , enabling the grass to regrow quickly and be ready for re-grazing sooner.

Without going into too much detail, this is all about new ways of looking at how we look after the big planetary garden that sustains us and every tool and technique has merit and applicability. I have seen holistic management practices applied in Victoria NSW and Queensland to great effect and this will be the first time I get to hear Allan speak in person. There is a link below to his recent TED talk earlier this year:


as well as a link to an interview on landline this week.


It  is all about reversing desertification and healing landscapes by growing fertility and building communities using new and existing tools for change. Allan will certainly challenge, question and inspire through his experience and case studies over many years in this field.


Details of the talks are included here:




  1. Learning about desertification was a total eye opener! I would love to see him in Australia.

  2. yep, Watched that a few weeks ago. really inspiring!

  3. Allan Savory’s explanation of water cycles is ground-breaking (no pun intended). Just the best explanation ever. Should be taught everywhere

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