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While the beard’s away…

Hi everyone,

As you are probably by now well aware, the site has been hacked. The timing is indeed spooky. Could it be that purveyors of Michael Kors handbags, the Single Seniors and the Forex traders have been lurking in the shadows, waiting for the stars to align so they can seize control of Costasworld?

The site administrator is on the case and in the meantime, I am attempting to stem the tide manually – my greatest fear is a proliferation of porn or similarly nefarious content while I sleep. So please be patient – amused even – by the dating tips, product placement etc. Please don’t make any investments or purchase any products thinking that their presence on Costasworld indicates Costa’s support or that he is an ambassador for them. I realise that seem like an unnecessary thing to say, but you never can tell what might happen under the light of the silvery full moon.

I couldn’t think of an appropriate image to accompany this public service announcement, so am instead sharing Seed Savers Dub by International Observer with you – buy it if you like it! Have a lovely evening.


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  1. the beard is alive nowadays.

  2. Costa if you get this message get back to me. I want to ask you if you know who owns the Sustainable Living corporation ?
    Do you know it is the trade name for agenda 21??
    That’s why I refused to go near you at wagga. Be careful who you work for!!

  3. You are probably not able to talk to the general public if they can tell you who Sustainable Living really is.

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