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Time to meet the maker?

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Sydney’s Youth Food Movement is set to launch ‘Meet the Maker’, a series of events that will see NSW primary producers share stories over a pint at Sydney local, The Old Growler.

Supported by the City of Sydney and the Awesome Foundation, the series of events aims to bridge the widening gap between Australian producers and consumers, and feed the public’s growing interest in the origins of our food and real-world stories of its local producers.

Guests are encouraged to use the evening to ask questions and gain new perspective on the challenges and opportunities offered by our local food system and the people who are part of it.

How many of us have actually met the people who grow our food? If you can’t experience it first hand, we think the next best thing is hearing it straight from the farmer’s mouth,” says Youth Food Movement co-founders, Alex Iljadica and Joanna Baker. These events are a way of shortening the food chain, and fostering conversations between someone who grows and someone who eats.”

The Meet the Maker series will focus on seasonal produce as the year progresses, beginning with the Australian staples of potatoes from Highland Gourmet Potatoes in Wildes Meadow, and pork from Saulsbury Berkshires, Camden.

When: Doors open at 6pm, with event kicking off at 6.30pm, Monday 4th August

Where: The Old Growler, Woolloomooloo

Tickets: $15 through Eventbrite with entry including tasters, talks and take-home samples.

The Youth Food Movement is one of Costa’s Causes (check out the video on this page to find out more) and as well as meeting and chatting with local producers, you may well see the man himself if you get on down to the Old Growler tomorrow evening.

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