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Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary with Permaculture

After a bit of a wobbly start, here’s what the team at Costasworld hope is the first of many Real Food Heroes posts for 2014. To kick off the year on a dynamic note, I’m sharing the blog Ordinary to Extraordinary. I discovered it today when I came in from tending my plants to research what was up with my tomatoes, sadly I think I may have to euthanase. As is the way with the internet, I tangentially embarked on a quest to see how I could get more growing space from my inner-city terrace, while at the same time leaving some room for the two humans who don’t mind having a cup of tea on it. I discovered Michael Mobbs‘ vertical pipe garden on the Ordinary to Extraordinary blog – a lovely distraction from wilt. My favourite post is From Thinkers to Doers. Doers we could do with more of. Hats off and Happy New Year to the Ordinary to Extraordinary Sydney Ridgetop Permaculture Challenge – long may you grow and flourish.

If you’re feeling inspired and interested in becoming a Permaculture doer but don’t know where to start, visit Milkwood Permaculture and check out their courses. They have an Art of Fermentation course running in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart in February if you’re interested in lacto-fermentation, probiotics and fermented food and drinks.  Alternatively, Ordinary to Extraordinary have an extensive list of resources on their site.

Happy New Year to you all,





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  1. could you do a show on wicking beds please? These are very water wise and a good way to grow in a small space.

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