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Still procrastinating about whether to Give A Fork?

dinner party copyright Matt Burke

Get on Board!

If you’ve been hesitating about signing up for Sustainable Table’s nationwide Give a Fork! campaign because you’re not sure what to cook on the night, check out the Sustainable Seafood mini e-Cookbook. It’s the mini version of what you will receive if you take the plunge and sign up as a host.

The full version e-Cookbook features 14 sustainable seafood and 7 vegetarian recipes, as well as a bunch of useful facts on the issue overall, how-to videos, a sustainable seafood shopping guide and more.

The cookbook was designed for Sustainable Table free of charge by Stuart Pettigrew Design – in a curious and completely unconnected coincidence, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a BBQ at the Pettigrew’s and Stuart cooks a great prawn.

For more details about Give a Fork! and the download of the mini cook book, pop over to Sustainable Table for more details.

mini e cookbook cover

Interested but still not convinced you can pull it off?

Visit Sustainable Table’s ‘Restaurant’s that Give A Fork!’ page for more details about how you can be involved without having to cook – or do the dishes…

Don’t forget!

If you, or your sustainability/gardening oriented organisation would like some help raising awareness of your cause, drop me a line at [email protected]

I’d also love to hear from anyone who has a vege garden success story to share, or anyone who has great pics of you and/or the family/neighbourhood/friends at work in the garden – we want to hear from you and share your inspirational stories.

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Photographs copyright Matt Burke.

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