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Punk Economics – why we can no longer shop happily


If you weren’t able to make it to the City of Sydney’s City Talk Recipes for change, how food is changing the cultural and community life of cities on Tuesday evening, you missed out on a great night of insightful discussion from an inspiring group of people who are actively working to raise awareness about food security and sustainability issues.

But the conversation doesn’t end there – eloquent economist, social commentator and fellow ginger, David McWilliams, has done us all a favour and shared his Punk Economics presentation. Prepare to be gobsmacked. The thing is, one night is not enough – we need to carry on the dialogue. Check Punk Economics out and share your thoughts here – and if you were there and have anything you’d like to add let us know in the comments.

As far as comments go, it would have been good to hear more from the farmers about the challenges they face. Loved your work on the spoons Deb, but I wish they’d let you speak as part of the panel. The battery in my phone wasn’t up for the job of recording Deb’s performance, so here’s a little something Deb prepared earlier.


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  1. amazing video. I never knew 1 kg of beef needs up to 70,000 litres of water and 30 litres of oil to produce. Frightening to think that peak oil may also mean peak food production.
    More posts like this!

    • Hey Andrew, makes me wonder about all the pre-made burgers on the production lines in fast food outlets and how much energy is being wasted…

      re ‘more posts like this!’
      I’m on it 🙂

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