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Screenshot of Google Public Fruit Map
Screenshot of Google Public Fruit Map

Public fruit maps available online

Screenshot of Google Public Fruit Map

Screenshot of Google Public Fruit Map

Your very own horn of plenty could be just next door…

The next time you’re online, search for ‘Public Fruit’ in Google Maps and you may well be able to harvest your next snack without leaving your neighbourhood.

We have Mangoes, Passionfruit, Vietnamese Mint, Cherry Tomatoes, Parsley, Rosemary, Mint and Thyme growing on the roadside deep in the heart of inner-Sydney suburb, Glebe. If anyone has any sites of plenty they’d like to share, let us know in the comments.

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  • I began a similar map of public fruit trees in my area some time ago. Anybody interested can view it here: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=209117044745428603465.000446a9d16694dd089da&msa=0&ll=-34.564818,150.837479&spn=0.227873,0.322037

  • Xania

    Hi Michelle!

    How are you? You know, I saw the video explaining what the map was all about – that is so cool! You guys – meaning Everyone – really do good work! This gal is so impressed! [SMILE]

    How is the moon garden going – sprouting and blooming I hope! I look forward to your next post about how it’s going [SMILE]…

    Talk to you later…

    • Michelle

      Hi Xania, thanks for your encouragement – it’s appreciated 🙂 Unfortunately life is what happened to me while I was busy making moon garden plans. Things are pretty hectic, so I have had no time to get back here with progress or more posts. S o o n . . .

      If ever there was a full moon coming where I’d rather be gardening than dealing with the other things that are on the go, it’s the one coming up this week. It’s in Libra, ruled by venus and is one of the signs ideal for planting flowers and plants for fragrance.

      I hope all is well in your world, hopefully I’ll be back with more posts soon.


  • Gerard

    Hi Michelle
    Google maps just gave a list of fruit shops when I entered ‘public fruit’…. is there a link you can put up?

    • Michelle

      Hi Gerard,
      if you go to google and type in public fruit maps, it will show you a map of Australia which you can then zoom in on and click on the ‘pins’ in the maps.


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