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Budding fruit growers of Melbourne, now is the hour

Organic Fruit Growers join forces with Collingwood Children’s Farm to share their knowledge.

The good folk over at Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens have been in touch and they have a great offer on for their fruit growing workshops.

Enrol in one class and attend another free of charge or bring along a friend for free.

The group are organic fruit growers from Harcourt in central Victoria – near Bendigo and they’ve joined forces with the Collingwood Children’s Farm in Melbourne to bring their wealth of organic fruit growing knowledge to the city with a series of workshops.

The workshops are designed for home fruit growers and their goal is to teach people how to

  • Keep their fruit trees healthy
  • Grow delicious fruit
  • Prune with confidence
  • Reduce their food bills

The workshops were developed in response to the many home gardeners asking the growers questions at Farmers Markets when they ran into problems with their fruit trees. The growers soon realised the problems the home-gardeners were experiencing were usually preventable and decided it was time to share the knowledge.

With 6 different workshops focussed on soil health, organic pest and disease control, pruning, growing your own trees and understanding the seasonal needs of your fruit trees. The best thing about the workshops is that they will arm you with the smarts to prevent, rather than cure problems.

If this sounds like a bit of you or someone you know, go to their website Grow Great Fruit They are offering a two-for-one deal for the 4 workshops running at Collingwood Children’s Farm on the 18th and 20th of April (that’s this Thursday and Saturday). You can pay for one workshop and attend another on those two days for free, or alternatively, bring a friend along for free.

The 4 workshops running on the 18th and 20th are:

Thursday 18th

  • Pest and Disease Control for Healthy Fruit Trees
  • Worm Farms and Compost Tea

Saturday 20th

  • Yearly Fruit Tree Planner
  • Building Healthy Soil

Sounds like a bargain at twice the price to me – if I was in Melbourne, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

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