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Posts written by Costa to inspire, educate and stimulate action.

Weeds, Chefs and Edible Ferals

So many weeds, so little time. They are all around us and their possibility is only as limited as the definition you choose to cage them by. And there is one wild  weed whisperer  who puts no limitations on weeds. Diego Bonetto loves weeds and is constantly refining their identification, ... Read More »

Responsible Runners

Responsible Runners represents everything about what is possible in the world. A problem was observed: refuse and waste left on iconic Bondi Beach every sunday afternoon after people had long gone and left their legacy on the sand…. an individual seeing this problem week in and week out on their ... Read More »

Costa’s Park at Centennial Park

Recently the crew and I were down at Centennial Park in sydney filming the links for the upcoming episode on Gardening Aus this weekend. As part of the visit I prepared a blog about the park and what it means to me. It is a ace of real significance to ... Read More »

Tash and Todds Forest Garden

On my recent visit to Perth I had the pleasure of visiting a  backyard forest garden outside  Freemantle. The garden is built on classic Freo sandy soil and has been transformed from what was a barren, dry, open space into a thriving forest ecosystem overflowing with all manner of food ... Read More »

Funky Home Design

Dropped in to get some much needed help with IT related  business such as how to blog when I noticed a funky housing community in the middle of my friends lawn. By the time she opened the front door after I knocked,  I was flat out on the grass capturing ... Read More »

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