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Pictures taken by Costa on his travels.

Latest from Costa

Stunning afternoon light shining the focus onto these two historical marker Washingtonia palms in Richmond just now. Note the sneaky lemon photo bombing in the foreground ? Read More »

Latest from Costa

Great to see nature's little native bee agents happy to set up accomodation in custom made locations such as this bit of cladding: just perfect . Elevated, confined entry, ample approach and landing aprons, no drainage issues, free of predatory opportunists waiting by the entry, bright coloured for easy indentification, ... Read More »

Latest from Costa

One thing I love when I visit primary schools is the way that each class displays their images at or on the front door. One such class at my local school has all the girls and boys wearing these cool 2017 sunnies and when I said how much I like ... Read More »

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