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Moon Gardening – Myth or Marvel?

I’ve been researching the history of gardening and thought some of you might like to hear a bit more about some of the different ideas that are out there. This is the first of a series of posts about moon gardening – if you’re interested in giving it a try, ... Read More »

Costa to present free compost workshops in Perth

Look out Perth, Costa’s on his way! This week sees Costa and the Gardening Australia team filming in WA and Costa will also be visiting a few Perth schools. Later in the week, he’ll be taking part in Perth’s National Science Week celebrations. 2014’s National Science Week school’s theme is ... Read More »

Organic orchardists offer Grow Great Fruit workshops

Do You Feel Confident To Keep Your Fruit Trees Healthy and Pick Great Fruit Every Year? Mount Alexander Fruit Gardens are organic orchardists located in Harcourt (central Victoria). On top of their valuable contribution to keeping us all fed, they also hold winter workshops with the aim of teaching people ... Read More »

Share your Nana’s top tips to win

Most of us are unaware that every one in five shopping bags of food bought in Australia is wasted. That’s a staggering fact amounting to about four million tonnes of food going to waste each year. In our Nana’s day this would have been unthinkable. 1 Million Women’s My Nana ... Read More »

Local Food, Lifts and a Passata Pulp Partnership

A few of the tasty treats on show at Sydney's Botanic Gardens Tomato Festival.

As much and all as I don’t spend lots of time in lifts, they can certainly be a great meeting place.  Here’s how it unfolded yesterday. It began with the obligatory “no you first , no you first ” exchange until we were in and rolling. Andrew was his name ... Read More »

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