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Moon Gardening – The Tree Planting Moon

Moon in Taurus

Productive and earthy, Taurus is one of my favourite places for the moon to be when gardening. Taurus is especially good for planting root crops and leafy greens because it lends the qualities of endurance and robustness to crops planted under its beams.

I recently grew a parsley plant that was taller than I was, from seed planted with the Moon in Taurus – it had a trunk thicker than my wrist. The enduring quality Moon in Taurus bestows is also ideal for the planting of trees and the kinds of crops that you’re investing in for the long term. If you’re looking for a moon sign that will give you a sturdy crop with good root growth following transplanting, Taurus is ideal.

Because of these qualities, Taurus also lends itself well to the planting of root crops that will be stored for long periods of time following their harvest – potatoes for example – especially if you plant in Taurus and then harvest in a dry, fire sign like Leo.

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