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Labelling: Its not a game of Hide ‘n’ Seek

One of my goals for 2014 is to put focus on labelling as a personal and community obligation.The content of our food is not a hide and seek pot luck of lies, deception or creative expression. There is a big difference between fresh produce and manufactured product yet creative marketing and imagery has blurred the line between these two totally different ends of our sustenance spectrum.

Pre-prepared industrial product needs to be labelled so that the ingestor of such items can do so in the very clear knowledge that it is their choice and not a successful  manipulation of the truth about ingredients and their story to become part of a meal.

So this article is the first of what will be many insights in the year ahead that delve into  into   truth and transparency behind the labelling of our food. Even in the cultural food mecca that is France, the labelling lines are being blurred more and more. Everyone who eats anything is a horticulturalist, a farmer, a chef, a manufacturer of the food system itself. No room for nonsense when it comes to food and its role in our health….

No Room For Nonsense

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