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About Costa

Costa is a vibrant change maker, a connector of people, a voice for reason, a lover of nature, and, perhaps above all else, Costa is a teacher and also the new host of the ABC’s Gardening Australia program

A landscape architect and permaculturalist, Costa’s real passion is food.  Costa has an infectious energy and ability to relate to everyone he meets.  Everyone feels comfortable around Costa because, with Costa, what you see is what you get.

We hope you take this opportunity to enter Costa’s World and see what makes him tick.

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Check out Costa’s Philosophy in the video below:



  • marianne bettiens

    please tell me where I can purchase Costas t shirt with the slogan “grow your own food”

  • Hi Costa!
    We are excited to hear you are going to be presenting at the Queensland Garden Expo in July. To help promote the event, we would love for you to be in our magazine in the Last Word section.
    Could you please email me your contact details so I can send through the Q&A and further details.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Kate (journalist/assistant editor)

  • Helen Bauman

    I am would like to know how a person can contact Costa’s management, please?

  • Dora Low

    Hi Costa!
    I was very impressed watching your episode regarding urban gardens using hydroponics and felt urged to write to you to share with you my story and ask for your help.
    My name is Dora Low and I have been the owner/operator of Southport Tourist Park for the past 34 years. The park is situated on 2.5 acres of land on the Gold Coast and within the perimeter is a hostel-like accommodation building with 17 rooms, and a commercial kitchen. There is a catering licence which is current.
    To tell you a little bit about me – I was born in Greece and have lived in Australia for the past 50 years. I was blessed with health wealth and happiness. Then 10 years ago, my eldest daughter Gloria was diagnosed with leukaemia. She spent the next 1.5 years in the Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane and received 10 lots of chemotherapy.
    I was visiting the Hospital Chapel one day and was praying for my daughter to a statue of Mary with baby Jesus in her arms – I felt that Mary would understand the pain I was going through at the thought of losing a child. I prayed to God and promised that if he would spare my daughter then I would spend the rest of my life serving Him.’ That night I had a dream and in my dream we had parked at the river near the hospital as usual, and when I looked up to the hospital I saw the statue of Mary with baby Jesus and Mary said to me “Do not worry, your family will be fine. Go to your roots, look at food for medicine.”
    My daughter was released from hospital 1.5 years later and it was then that my husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer at a check-up. It had gone to his bones. He also had asbestos in his lungs from working in an asbestos mine and rheumatoid arthritis for which he had been receiving chemotherapy injections once per week for the past ten years.
    I researched an compiled a list of 250 foods, including herbs, spices and cereals, and put my family onto a special nutritional diet. I thought I could at least make them comfortable. We were shocked when my husband went for a check up a few months down the track to discover that his bones were clear, and his lungs were clear. I researched more and implemented a different combination of raw-food based diet and then three months later and the prostate count was down dramatically. His rheumatoid arthritis was also improving.
    My daughter is now 48 and her leukaemia is in remission, she is the picture of health. My husband is still fighting fit, and his prostate count is still down. We found that when my husband returned to his old diet that the prostate count increased, so we went back to the other diet – and it decreased again. I too was 100+ kilos with high cholesterol and diabetes. I am now 64 kilos, normal cholesterol and my diabetes is gone – all without medication!!
    My vision is to spread this word of food as medicine to the public. I would ideally like to see my land developed into a Holistic Nutritional Centre. This is not within my capability though. In the meantime I would like to develop the kitchen and hostel building into a café/restaurant where the Hippocrates philosophy is embraced. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy Food.” I have developed recipes, but have come to a stand still as to how to make this happen.
    I would like to invite you to please get involved and assist me in making this dream a reality. I am not looking for profit – only to help others realise the benefits of diet on health and perhaps others can be helped as my family has been.
    With your connections and your beliefs I think that we can make this happen. Any advice or assistance that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
    Currently, as residents come to our park that have family members affected by terminal cancer, we send them to Mexico where there is a clinic which uses Gerson’s therapy – something we are interested in. Over 50% of these people have survived. Food for thought indeed.
    Please look at our website http://gloriasnutritionaltreatment.com
    Our email is info@southporttouristpark.com.au
    Please help us to help others!
    Yours truly
    Dora Low

  • claremilledge

    Hi Costa, I just wanted to let you know that Alexandria Park Community School where you started a wonderful bush tucker garden with the kids is seeking to create an eco park within the grounds with lots of native plants etc We’ve entered a competition to get a new park made for free but we need lots of votes from the public. We were hoping you might be able to plug our proposal if you wouldn’t mind? Here’s the link: http://www.myparkrules.com.au/organisation/?id=105 Thanks so much Costa! cheers, Clare

  • Hannah Hindmarsh

    Hi I was wondering if there was an email address to contact Costa?

  • Catherine Grbac

    Hi Costa We are a volunteer-run community festival, with an “It’s Easy Being Green” theme this year. Could you please advise your contact details so we can get in touch?

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