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Comments & Suggestions

Perhaps there’s a tip you’d like to send about a certain issue or a topic you’d like to be featured? Contact Costa via his Facebook page or send an email – please note this IS NOT Costa’s personal email – we can pass messages on but being the busy person that he is, it may take a while to hear back. To get a faster response, please contact him via Costa’s Facebook page.


  1. Dear Costa,

    I am organising a Council sustainability and gardening event called Spring into Gardening and I am interested in having you as an MC at our event.The event will be held at Victoria Gardens in Prahran and you can read about some of the activities by following the link above. I am not sure if you are based in Victoria, but if so, could you please send a quote to me on the email address above. Spring into Gardening will be held on Sunday 13 October from 11am to 3pm.

    I feel as though your expertise and areas of interest would be a great match for our event, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Kind Regards,

    Ella Doonan

  2. Hi Costa,

    On the 7th November we will be having the official launch of our 202020 Vision initiative. The aim of the initiative is to get major players talking about urban green space in Australia. We are aiming to measure, explore the benefits and have an aspiration of getting 20% more urban green space by 2020.

    We are having the event at The Goods Line at 9.45-10.45am on the 7th and key industry stakeholders; government, researchers, design and horticulture industry attendees will be present. I would like to highlight that this is an invite only b2b reaching event.

    We are looking for an MC and I just wanted to know if you would be available for the event and interested.

    Kind regards

    Sarah O’Brien

  3. Nathan, Joanna, Isaac, and Rachel.

    Hi Costa,

    Thank you so much for the kindness and generosity you extended us – Joanna, Isaac, and Rachel, and our dad Nathan – at the Parramatta Foundations Festival last Saturday 2 November 2013.

    We really appreciate your friendly and considerate advice, and are getting organised to plant. We are feeling that the small raised kids gardening bed (approx. 45x45x45) we bought at great expense to us last year, isn’t going to be big enough to cater for our renewed ambitions after speaking with you on Saturday. That and the large bag of Mushroom Compost we picked up for $1.50 last evening, has caused us to look around for another larger raised garden bed for the courtyard.

    Commercial raised garden beds seem to be so expensive though, at the moment! We would love any advice, or contacts you could pass on, so we might find some cheaper raised garden beds that we could use in out courtyard.

    Also we would love to welcome you into our modest home in North Parramatta if you ever have the time, and are in the area.

    Joanna, Isaac, and Rachel and Nathan

  4. Rita, has given me your details, could you come to our markets in February, the date options Sat 15th Feb, Sat 22nd. 1st March. or nominate any Saturday after these.



  5. I would like to share a song with you about organic food etc. I wish that it gives you hope and inspiration to continue your fight for a healthier world. I firmly believe the power of song can help to change the world. Please feel free to share it. You can find it at


    You can get a free download of this song by contacting me through http://kimimber.com or contact my Facebook page.

  6. I hear you are coming to Broken Hill. I run the gardening section of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Alma Public School (08) 8088 2181. As the second hairiest gardener in the country I’d like to welcome you to our garden anytime you’re about. Cheers

  7. Hello Costa,
    I thought this would make a good story about my ideas and inventions for environmental conservation while increasing food production for the average home or community gardener at the same time. This will really help people in areas of drought grow large amounts of food while conserving water, and the food will be more nutritious and better for them.
    I’ve been a Gardener all my life and an Inventor for over 30 years. Almost 20 years ago, I invented a watering device for vegetable and flower gardens that helps people grow MORE vegetables and flowers using 75% LESS water. This is a great way to conserve water and still be able to grow MORE food or flowers. Please check out the website and videos below, so you can see that I’ve been working on this problem for decades and am very sincere about wanting to help people grow more food.
    I recently wrote a book on my inventions for Gardening. I thought my book might be beneficial to gardeners everywhere whether they grow vegetables or flowers. My eBook is called “The 20 FOOT Tomato Plant”. The information in the book works on both Vegetables and Flowers.

    In the book, I give you step-by-step instructions on how to build my PATENTED WaterStick, how to make my Super42Vitalizer fertilizer, and my Organic Pest Repellent called BUG JUICE. The WaterStick is a device so you can water and fertilize your entire plants roots directly at ROOT level. By using the WaterStick you will use up to 75% LESS water and fertilizer simply because you are watering and feeding your plants at ROOT level. My fertilizer, Super42Vitalizer is a blended fertilizer that has a powerful vitamin and mineral formula added, that makes the plants grow bigger, stronger, and healthier, which in turn makes the plants produce MORE and a better quality of vegetables. Super42Vitalizer is given to the plants through the WaterStick, so you use less fertilzer since you are feeding the plants at ROOT level. And last but not least, is my Organic Pest Repellent called BUG JUICE. BUG JUICE is easy to make and will keep the bugs off of your plants and is a fantastic fertilizer as well. I invented BUG JUICE because I needed a good pest repellent that I could use in my WaterStick, but wanted one that was organic and free of any dangerous pesticides that could be transmitted into the vegetables. There are also many tips in the book to make your gardening experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. I wrote the book so I could teach people my methods of growing as much food as possible in backyard gardens, so they could grow a better quality of food, and cut down on their ever growing grocery bill at the same time. Here is the link to my website http://waterstickgrowsystem.com/ I still don’t have it set up the way I want it, but I really hope you check it out and tell others about it.
    I am disabled now, but I still do a small vegetable garden. Before I got hurt, at our old house we had 15 flower gardens and a vegetable garden where we grew tomato plants that were 15 to 20 FEET tall every year. My days of growing 20 footers are over, but I still grow 10 to 12 footers. Many of my inventions and ideas are about growing more and a better quality of food, and finding the easiest way to do it. Everything in my book will work on flower gardens as well, but since I became disabled I personally just work with vegetables now.

    You can see most of the videos from the website, but make sure you get to see this 15 year old video of 2 GIANT (4 month old) tomato plants at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhCQg6hzt0w

    The tomato plants in the video above were 12 and 13 FEET tall at the time of the video. By the frost, they were 18 and 19 FEET tall.

    The largest tomato plant I ever grew was 20 FEET 8 1/2 inches tall and this single plant produced 372 POUNDS of tomatoes.

    My inventions work on ALL vegetables, flowers, and bushes, but everyone wants to know about the tomatoes. We average 150 to 200 POUNDS of tomatoes per plant on large tomatoes, and 60 to 100 POUNDS per plant on cherry tomato plants.

    We had a bad windstorm destroy our 2013 tomato plants in the middle of August, but by then,they had already produced a total of 287 POUNDS of tomatoes from our 2 Better Boy plants, and 169 1/2 POUNDS from our 2 cherry tomato plants.

    Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Thanks, Jon Dewey ( Author of the eBook The 20 FOOT Tomato Plant )

  8. Hi Costa! My name is Wayne Tuxworth and I teach a Horticulture and Landscaping subject at Circular Head Christian School in Smithton, Tas. We have also just begun to work closely with the local Rural Health organization in trying to set up a local community garden. We were wondering if you’d be interested in heading to Smithton some time and having a look at our operations and give advice, build awareness and help promote healthy sustainable living within our community? Im not sure how you go about this (payment wise or through an agent re Gardening Aus or whatever) so I just wanted to open a line of communication and progress from there according to your availability etc. Feel free to contact me on [email protected] or simply reply to this message if interested. Thanks for ur time and thanks for being an inspiration to young Aussies! Cheers, Wayne.

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