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About This Site

“Costa’s World is a portal for all the groups, individuals and activities that I not only support but that inspire me. Come in, see what’s doing! Learn, push your perspective. This is about challenging yourself, and having a closer look at what opportunities exist everywhere around us in our garden planet.”

This website is a place where you can discover and explore informative videos, websites and workshops, learn more about Costa’s Causes as well as getting involved in the community.

This is not my website, it’s yours!!! Please share with others and help in creating an online community that cares.

My dream and hope is for you to use the below platforms to promote community activities you are involved in and share information, this will spread the word and help our community be increasingly connected and whole. Without you my dream cannot come true.

So how do you get involved? Get Connected!

Like my Official Page on Facebook
On Facebook I will keep you up to date on what I’m doing, share my experiences and things I have leant. You can connect with others like you, please actively be involved in contributing to this Page, without you this will not work!!! This is the best way to contact me.

Follow me on Twitter
On Twitter I will be sharing interesting links and thoughts with my followers that I think are educational, informative and entertaining.

Watch my videos on YouTube
YouTube is where I’ll be putting videos about causes that I support, and interesting tips for you to try and share.

Follow me on Pinterest
On Pinterest I will be updating my boards with interesting articles and pictures on all kinds of green topics!

Do you have a DIY tutorial to share? Or perhaps you’d like to write about your community garden? Or maybe you have photos of your backyard bee farm that you’d like to show? Then get on the contribute page to find out how.

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